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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring was once one of the most sought after flooring materials in the world. For a few short years, it was neglected by designers and home builders, but in recent years it has a seen a rapid rise in popularity. These days, anyone looking through new homes for sale will notice that vinyl has been making appearances in bathrooms, kitchens, and even living rooms with surprisingly beautiful results. Understanding the benefits of vinyl and why so many people are making the switch can help make your next renovation look its very best.


Benefits of Vinyl


Vinyl is an incredibly durable material. It wears very well, and many manufacturers offer warranties of fifteen years or more. It’s among the most cost effective flooring options on the market today. Vinyl comes is a stunning variety of colours, patterns, sizes, and styles, which makes it easy to find something to fit into any décor, regardless of current or planned design schemes. There are even faux wood designs available from some of the world’s top manufacturers. Vinyl flooring is also more comfortable to walk on than many wood options, due to the fact that many companies back their vinyl with foam or padding. The same padding also helps make vinyl much quieter than most wood or tile options.


Vinyl Options


One of the best parts about vinyl is that it’s available in a few convenient options. Rolls of vinyl are great for laying down covering over a large space. Vinyl tiles are easy to transport and allow for a more creative flare, in that different colours and sizes can be mixed and matched to create a more modern, sleeker look for your space. Another popular choice is vinyl planking. These are fiberboard or wood tiles with vinyl pre-attached to the base. It fits together in a tongue and groove type system, similar to laminate flooring. No matter the size or shape of your space, there’s a vinyl flooring option that can make it look it very best.




Everyone wants to have beautiful flooring, and no one wants to take care of it. If that sounds about right to you, vinyl flooring should be a top choice. All it needs to look its best is some simple sweeping. For more in depth cleaning, just about any floor cleaning product will do an admirable job. A lot of manufacturers suggest rinsing the floor with a simple water and vinegar solution to neutralize the alkali found in so many household cleaners to keep the surface luminous.


There’s no shortage of flooring materials to choose from when you’re renovating your home or business, but one of the most versatile is also among the most cost effective. Gone are the days of sad looking and bland vinyl. The products supplied by the most reputable and well-stocked flooring specialists in the GTA are absolutely breathtaking. Contact the best in the industry today and learn which vinyl flooring products would best compliment your unique home. It’s a simple call that can lead to stunning results!